Amazing Monkeemoile for sale on eBay

A replica of the original Monkeemobile, built for the 45th Anniversary tour of the band, is for sale on eBay in the US.

The amazing, mint condition car is signed by all four band members on the glove box - including by Davy Jones, who sadly passed away in February this year.
It was built by Dakota County Customs from the chassis of a 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible, with some help from the original car's creator, Dean Jeffries.

Because of this provenance (it's not just a fan project), it's an exact replica of the Monkeemobile used in the original TV series in the late '60s, with no expense spared in order to achieve authenticity. That's why its reserve is set at a substantial $60,000.

Check out the eBay listing for a full gallery of hi-res pictures. If you're really interested, there's nothing stopping you importing it from the US, is there?

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