Video: Ferrari celebrates 8m Facebook fans, Top Gear style

Ferrari has hit 8,000,000 official Facebook fans, so to celebrate, it sent a 458 Italia out to its famous Fiorano test track and had it do a bit of drawing.

There's a video of the feat below. We know it seems a bit pointless, but anyone with an iota of appreciation for skilled driving will be fairly gobsmacked.
It's shamefully Top Gear...though having said that, when Top Gear reached 10,000,000 Facebook fans, it did this. We can't see Ferrari doing the same thing to one of its cars, should it reach the same milestone.

In other Ferrari news, the company has also reached half a million fans on Google+, the social networking site that is to Facebook what Linux is to Windows. In fact, it was news to us that Google+ had that many users.

Here's Ferrari's Facebook page, if you're not already a fan. Don't go there before watching the video below, though...

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