Driver distraction? There's an app for that...

Road safety charity RoadSafe has revealed that six in ten young drivers agree they're being distracted behind the wheel by smartphone apps - with two in ten saying they've played Angry Birds while driving, and about the same number that they've played Draw Something.

The survey, commissioned by insurance company and Roadsafe member Ingenie, is yet another example of the affect phones are having on road safety.
Startlingly, one in six young male drivers (aged 17-25) said they'd crashed while using a mobile phone behind the wheel.

And while two in ten admit to the unfathomable stupidity of playing smartphone games while driving, even more are using Facebook - one third.

More than four in ten (44%) say they regularly send texts while driving, while 62% say they read them.

"We're in the middle of a perfect storm," said Ingenie founder Richard King, "where the rapid growth of social media and mobile [gaming] is creating a new breed of in-car distraction.

"As well as not texting or making calls, we should all pledge not to tweet, update our status or be tempted by anything else out phone has to offer while driving."

Ingenie is an insurance company that uses telematics technology to monitor its customers' driving habits, and rewards them with lower premiums for safer driving. It has promised to donate £1 to Roadsafe for every person that pledges on Twitter that they won't drive distracted. Use the tag #DontDriveDistracted to do so.
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