The ten richest millionaires in music

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Who would you think tops the list of the richest people in the British music industry? There must be any number of musicals who spring to mind - not to mention Simon Cowell.

So it may come as some surprise to learn that there are only two musicians in the top five, and that Cowell only shows up at number 7. Meanwhile, the founder of Spotify sneaks in at number 10. So who are the big earners?
1. Top of the list, according to the Sunday Times Rich List, is Clive Calder, a record executive with an astonishing £1.35 billion. The 65 year-old made his fortune by founding Zomba Records - with its subsidiary Jive Records. He signed a huge range of acts, including the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears, and cashed in when he sold his label to BMG. Ne how lives in the Cayman Islands - which presumably wasn't promoted in any way by its attitude to tax.

2. Sir Cameron Mackintosh, the theatrical producer, is worth £725 million. His breakthrough was in 1981 when he teamed up with Andrew Lloyd Webber to produce Cats, which went on to become the longest running musical in the West End. He has now had four musicals run for more than ten years and owns seven theatres in London's West End.

3. Sir Paul McCartney. The former Beatle is now worth £665 million - even after his high profile divorce. It makes him the richest musician on the list by a margin of almost £300 million.

4. Lord Lloyd Webber. The composer of 13 musicals and peer of the realm is said to be worth £590 million. His work ranges from Cats to The Wizard of Oz, and a number of talent shows to find leading West End stars including 'I'd Do Anything'.

5. U2. They are cheating, because this is the combined fortune of the Dublin foursome, whereas individually it's unlikely that any of them would make it to this list. However, with a fortune of £519 million, earned over 36 years as a band, they're not doing too badly.

6. Simon Fuller. The producer best known for being the man behind the Spice Girls is worth £375 million. In his other life he is a TV executive producer, and the man behind the Idol franchise which started life in the UK as Pop Idol.

7. Simon Cowell. Surprisingly, he is £150 million behind Fuller with a fortune of £225 million. His fortune has been garnered as a record producer, the TV executive behind the 'Got Talent' franchise and a talent show judge - which is how someone a lowly 7th on the list is by far the best known.

8. Sir Elton John. The second singer to make it to the list on his own is worth £220 million, after four decades in the music business, and selling more than 250 million records.

9. Michael Flatley. The man who was once famous for providing the half-time entertainment during Eurovision is worth an astonishing £192 million. The Riverdance star is now a producer of shows as well as a record-breaking speed-tapper.

10. Victoria and David Beckham. The couple are counted together and worth £190 million. Given the money they make from everything from sport to modelling and fashion it's difficult to argue for their inclusion on this list.

Sir Mick Jagger. The former Rolling Stones singer is also worth £190 million. He continues to perform, and apparently moves like Jagger.

Daniel Ek, the founder of Spotify was a millionaire by 23, and is now sitting on £190 million. He inspires a mixed reaction from music-lovers, but has stated his ambition to run the biggest music site on the internet.

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The ten richest millionaires in music
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