State troopers save man's life after mid-flight heart attack

State troopers save Delta passenger's life after mid-flight heart attackPA

Two Colorado State Patrol Troopers have been hailed heroes after they helped save a man's life when he suffered a heart attack mid-air on a Delta flight.

Lt Colonel Brenda Leffler and Major Steve Garcia jumped into action when they heard a woman screaming that her husband was unconscious.

According to USA Today, Leffler told K-USA Channel 9NEWS how she and Garcia helped save him with an onboard defibrillator: "We've worked together over 10 years, and I looked at him [Garcia] and we knew immediately what we had to do. And we worked as a team ... and it didn't really strike me until afterwards what had happened, until the other passengers ... started asking if we were paramedics."

She said the pair worked in conjunction with the Delta flight crew and, when asked if she thought the pair were heroes, she said: "We are not heroes, we are state troopers. This is what we do every day ... we're well trained. Major Garcia and I are just glad the gentleman will be all right."

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