Blocked-in parked driver barges his way free

This video was originally reported by the Jalopnik website as having been shot in Greece, but we reckon it must have been taken in Russia.

There are way too many Russian built cars for a Western country, but wherever it was shot, it is worth a look. The angry driver uses his Lada as a battering ram to move a parked Chevrolet Aveo out of the way. The video takes a few minutes to unfold, but then it is the equivalent of breaking a siege - and it is a lot quicker than Stalingrad.At first the driver is merely frustrated, before he loses it completely and goes for direct action. One might say the Chevrolet driver is also not the sharpest tool in the box. If you were rude enough to block in another car, you really ought to choose a car the owner would not want to damage. Parking in front of a Lada (value: whatever is in the petrol tank), was always a bit risky.

Funnily enough, a Lada would actually make a very good battering ram. It is such an old design, it has no crumple zones. Hence if you batter another car, the Lada's front end won't be squashed. Don't try this method at home in anything, but definitely not in a modern car. It will give up its life to protect you, the driver, by crumpling its front end - and therefore it probably won't even shift the car that has caused offence.
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