Air steward takes BA to tribunal after colleague calls him 'darling'

Air steward takes BA to tribunal after colleague calls him 'darling'PA

An air steward who was suspended by BA took the airline to an employment tribunal claiming he was religiously discriminated against because a colleague called him 'darling'.

Rothstein Williams is a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and claimed the endearment was offensive to his religious beliefs.

He also claimed that another colleague harassed him for trying to read his Bible, and bosses did nothing to stop it.

According to the Daily Mail, the tribunal in Reading failed to launch, as judge Jessica Hill ruled there was no evidence of discrimination.

BA said they had so many staff, it was impossible to remember everybody's name, and that 'darling' was a friendly substitute.

Mr Williams, from East London, told the paper: 'My colleague said "Take the glasses darling". I said I was Rothstein.'

The woman went on to say she called many people darling and that actually a lot of passengers liked it.

Mr Williams, who is still employed by the airline, said his treatment left him depressed, but Judge Hill said his disciplinary action and suspension were due to his reactions to other members of staff, not his religious beliefs.

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