Another motor show, another one-off porcelain Veyron...yes, porcelain

Bugatti has turned up at another motor show with another special edition of the Veyron. It's almost as if it doesn't have anything new to show anyone.

This time it's the Beijing Motor Show, and in fairness to Bugatti, it probably should have a presence there because the Chinese, all of a sudden, have shedloads of money to spend on flash motors.
So, after a meeting at Bugatti HQ in which employees competed to dream up the tackiest thing that could be done to a Veyron, it was decided that filling one with porcelain was the winner.

Here, then, is a Veyron that's as good at being full of tea as it is going really, really fast. Oh, and it costs £1,300,000. Yes it does.

Called the Veyron Sport Wei Long (sorry Google, we should have said that at least three times by now), it's "a one-off Grand Sport model equipped with unique porcelain dragon relief parts," says Bugatti.

It's not clear what 'dragon relief parts' are, but we'd like to stop thinking about it now.

It pays homage to the Chinese Year of the Dragon, and was sent to German porcelain specialists Königliche Porzellan in Berlin to be decorated.

The million-dollar makeover includes dragon sculptures on the oil and fuel caps, a red leather interior with embroidered dragons on the headrests, and silk mats that are also - you've guessed it - stitched with the image of Elvis Presley. Not really. It's dragons.

But the highlight, according to Bugatti, is the porcelain dragon 'centrepiece' (above) - a plate embedded in the leather between the two seats.

It's powered by the Veyron's standard 987bhp 8.0-litre engine, though Bugatti is showing off another convertible in Beijing that kicks sand in the Wei Long's wussy engine bay - the Grand Sport Vitesse.

The Vitesse is the most powerful convertible Veyron ever made.

The 1,184bhp engine is the same as that found in the Veyron Super Sport, which is officially the fastest production car in the world, with a registered 268mph top speed. (Here's James May doing 259mph in one on Top Gear.)

In this roofless application, though, the top speed is restricted to a piffling 255mph, to reduce the risk of both occupants having their faces peeled off by accident.

It costs, if you're interested, £1,500,000. Though if you're in the market for something Chinese-themed and as silly as it is quick, Ferrari does it much cheaper.
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