8.05pm - the nation's favourite time to shop online

What are you doing just after 8pm most nights? If watching TV while doing a spot of online shopping is one of your favourite evening past times, you're not alone.

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Woman using laptop with dog
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According to a new survey, 8.05pm is our favourite time to log on and start shopping. Rather than settling down and giving our favourite soap or drama our full attention, many of us have one eye on our laptop, checking out eBay bargains and surfing the net for a good deal.

More than half of UK shoppers say they order goods over the internet while watching the box, with the time spent shopping online adding up to six hours a month on average.

The Global Online Shopper Report, conducted by payment services company WorldPay, found that shoppers spend a fourth of their disposable income shopping online, with the most popular products being clothes, books and CDs.

The most popular site was online retail giant Amazon, with nine out of 10 respondents reporting a purchase from the company during the last three months.

Second most popular was eBay, with 57 per cent of e-shoppers using the site. Department stores, clothes shops and food shopping made up the remainder of the most popular sites.
The survey, which questioned 19,000 people in 15 leading economies, also found that just over half use a laptop, a fifth use a smartphone and one in 10 shop on a tablet.

WorldPay chief product officer Philip McGriskin said: 'eCommerce is growing at a rapid pace. Whilst there are variants between consumer shopping habits globally, in general shoppers are turning online to shop.'

Those who prefer not to buy over the net might be interested to know that two in five people said they, or someone they knew, had been directly affected by online fraud. The good news is that more than 50 per cent thought online shopping was more secure than it was a year ago.