WeightWatchers hits the high street

Caroline Cassidy

Want to lose weight but don't have the time to go to an evening group – or don't have one near you? Weight Watchers are making it easier to drop the pounds by opening a chain of stores in the high street.

Woman with tape measure around waist
Woman with tape measure around waist

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Slimming groups, usually held in community centres and church halls, will continue to be held in the evening, with the high street stores offering weight loss consultations and slimming products for those who want some dieting support during the day.

The stores will offer slimming services and products including 'grab and go' meals based on the WeightWatchers Points system.

The Lifestyle centres will also offer personal consultations, including 'express weigh-ins', to help dieters stick to the weight loss plan – a first for the dieting chain.

The first centre in Reading is offering 150 food products and meal plans - allowing shoppers, busy mums and office workers to pop in and grab a WeightWatchers counted lunch.

Spokesman Chris Stirk said: "The centre will offer a more personalised and flexible service for busy people like working mums and office workers who can pop in when they have time.

"With many of us working longer hours and demanding a more personalised, flexible service, we continue to adapt and enhance our products and services to meet the needs of the community."

The next stores will open in London, Birmingham and possibly Leeds.

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