Dubai police to auction abandoned £1m Enzo Ferrari

An Enzo Ferrari worth £1m that was ABANDONED by its owner in Dubai and left to gather dust will be auctioned off by police tomorrow.

It was left in a parking space by a British expat last year, and could become the most expensive thing ever auctioned by a police force.
The background of the car is as foggy as the paintwork, but it's reported that the owner was wanted after collecting numerous parking tickets.It was abandoned in a parking space 20 months ago.

It's not thought that the owner was wanted for anything more serious than the fines. However, a number of British expats have abandoned their cars and houses before, because in Dubai having debt is a criminal offence punishable by a jail sentence.

The Dubai police force can auction off any car it's had for six months or more, and the Enzo is one of 129 seized cars due to go under the hammer tomorrow - 29 of them luxury or supercars. Three more Ferraris and seven Porsches are on the list.

The Enzo Ferrari is extremely rare, and this auction provides a mouth-watering opportunity for someone to own one that might otherwise have no chance.

Only 399 Enzos were made, and each owner was invited by Ferrari to buy one - most of them customers who'd already bought an F40 or F50 from the Italian company. Jay Kay owns one.

It has a 6.0-litre V12 and can get to 60mph in 3.1 seconds, and onto a top speed of over 220mph.

Maserati based its MC12 supercar on the Enzo - one of which Chris Evans was pictured driving around London recently.
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