The cheapest 2012 holiday destination for Brits revealed

Ruth Doherty
Splash out: Strong pound sees more spending money for British holidaymakers
Splash out: Strong pound sees more spending money for British holidaymakers

Bulgaria has been named the cheapest destination for Brits this year. Photo: Rex

British families could this year see themselves get more bargains for their buck as the pound is stronger than a number of foreign currencies.

According to the Post Office Travel Money annual report, Bulgaria is the cheapest holiday destination for Brits, while holidaymakers can now get 14% more Turkish lira than last summer, says the Daily Mail.

The survey used a hotlist of 10 common holiday must-buys like lager, sun cream, and a meal for two, to determine the cheapest destinations.

While Bulgaria and Turkey came out on top, it looks like a staycation could cost a small fortune, with Britain's 'shopping basket' of 10 items being the most expensive, as Brighton's came in at £79.25.

And, while the pound is 7.1% higher against the euro than a year ago, price increases in holiday destinations like Spain, Portugal and Greece could counteract the benefits.

Portugal's 10 holiday buys were the third cheapest at £54.46, but this is 10% more than last year.

Spain's value of £56.84 is also up 35% on last year's Post Office Travel Money report.

Croatia came in as one of the most expensive at £73.65, while Orlando was £69.41.

So if you're looking for a real bargain break this summer, it looks like Bulgaria is the spot for you, with its 10 holiday essentials coming in at £23.70.

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