Happy St Georges - where women live to 91

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A new study has revealed massive differences in life expectancy across the UK. If you're after a long retirement, the place to make tracks for is apparently Hinton St George in Somerset, where the women live to 91.7 and the men to an average of 88.7.

So where else do pensioners live to a ripe old age, where do they have a short but sweet retirement, and what does it mean for you?

Live longest

The Towers Watson survey looked into the life expectancy of those already receiving company pensions. They discovered that just behind Hinton St George was Aldeburgh in Suffolk (with only a small fraction separating the two), Frinton-on-Sea in Essex, Seaview on the Isle of Wight and Ferndown in Dorset.

By far the majority of the areas with higher life expectancy were in the south - with only Talybont in Gwynedd making it to the top 15 from outside the area.

Dying young

At the other end of the spectrum, life expectancy was lowest in Bootle in Merseyside, where men die on average at 84.9 years and women at 89 years. This was followed by Castlederg and Strabane in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, Belfast, and Saltcoats in Ayreshire, Scotland.

Matthew Fletcher, a senior consultant at Towers Watson, said: "Where people live can be a powerful predictor of how long they will live. Of course, this does not mean that a man could extend his life by four years simply by moving from Merseyside to Somerset."

Why it matters to you

The researchers said address was often key because it would reveal things about lifestyle and affluence, which are both a strong influence on longevity.

But why should we care? As a general rule of thumb, if pension companies are interested, then it's worth knowing how your address affects your life expectancy. Those providing your annuity will take it into consideration when setting your monthly income. Those in areas where they are expected to live longer will end up getting more payments, so the annuity company will make the monthly amount lower. Those areas where you're not expected to make your 85th birthday may see more generous sums.

Of course, once you know, you are faced with a decision: is it worth moving in order to get a better payout, or will your quality of life be better in your old home but with less to live on?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Top towns for life expectancy

1. Hinton St George (Somerset), men live to 88.7 and women to 91.6
2. Aldeburgh (Suffolk), men live to 88.7 91.6
3. Frinton-On-Sea (Essex,men live to 88.5, women to 91.8
4. Seaview (Isle of Wight), men 88.5, women 91.5
5. Ferndown (Dorset), men 88.4, women 91.5
6. Lyme Regis (Dorset) men 88.4, women 91.5
7. Salcombe (Devon) men 88.4, women 91.4
8. Broadstone (Dorset) men 88.5, women 91.3
9. Budleigh Salterton (Devon) men 88.4, women 91.3
10. Bembridge (Isle of Wight)men 88.4, women 91.4

Top towns for life expectancy
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Happy St Georges - where women live to 91

Bottom towns for life expectancy

1. Bootle (Merseyside), men 84.9, women 89.0
2. Castlederg (County Tyrone), men 85.0, women 89.1
3. Strabane (County Tyrone), men 85.1, women 89.1
4. Belfast men 85.3, women 89.0
5. Saltcoats (Ayrshire), men 85.4, women 89.0
6. Londonderry, men 85.3, women 89.1
7. Prestonpans (East Lothian), men 85.3, women 89.2
8. Port Glasgow (Invercylde), men 85.4, women 89.2
9. Kilbirnie (Ayrshire), men 85.4, women 89.2
10. Alloa (Clackmannanshire), men 85.4, women 89.2

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