Women are the biggest oglers on holiday

Women are the biggest oglers on holidayPA

A new survey has revealed that women are more likely than men to eye up men while on holiday with their partners.

The poll by online travel agent sunshine.co.uk found that 74 per cent of women confessed to checking out members of the opposite sex while away with their other halves.

56 per cent of men admitted to ogling other women while with their wives or girlfriends abroad.

The survey also showed that 77 per cent covered up checking out members of the opposite sex by waiting until their partners weren't around or hiding behind their sunglasses. Some pretended they were looking at members of the same sex and others just made sure their partners didn't see.

1,972 people who were in relationships and had travelled abroad with their partners in the past 12 months took part in the survey.

Co-founder of sunshine.co.uk Chris Clarkson said: 'When looking into whether or not men and women in relationships ogle other people on holiday, despite being with their partner, it was interesting to see that women were the guiltier party. Either that or women are more honest.'

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