Surfer killed by shark in South Africa where TV crew were filming

Surfer killed by shark in South Africa where TV crew were filmingPA

A 20-year-old man was killed by a great white shark in South Africa yesterday while bodyboarding off a beach where TV crew were filming a documentary and are accused of luring sharks close to the shore.

Champion surfer David Lilienfeld was struck by the 16ft predator, dragging him under the waves while his brother paddled nearby in the sea at Koeel Bay, east of Cape Town.

The great white shark bit off his leg as terrified witnesses watched on. David's brother Gustav helped carry him to the rocks but he died before medics arrived.

South Africa's National Sea Rescue Institute told Reuters: 'There are no other bite marks or lacerations on the deceased man's body - only the complete amputation of the right leg and the leg has not been recovered.'

Soon after the attack, a documentary crew were accused of putting the public's safety at risk by luring the predatores close to the shore so they could be filmed.

Craig Lambinon of the National Sea Rescue Institute told the Daily Mail: 'The brother was in the sea at the time and apparently saw the incident unfold.

'He was examined at the scene by paramedics and is now being examined by pathologists.'

David's devastated brother Gustav was consoled by his father after the tragedy and has been offered counselling.

Experts expressed their concern of the film crew shooting in the area before the attack after it emerged that chum and bait was used to lure sharks to their boats.

Shark author Dirk Schmidt appealed to South Africa's department of the environment last week about its decision to grant permits for the controversial filming.

'I expressed my serious concerns about the project because I feared public safety could be put at risk if they were brought closer to the beaches for filming,' he told the Daily Mail.

South Africa's government confirmed that filming of the documentary had been cancelled after the tragedy.

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