Forecasters predict coldest May in 100 years

Ceri Roberts
Prepare for the coldest May in 100 years
Prepare for the coldest May in 100 years


We've had snow and torrential rain in April - and now forecasters warn that we'll have to contend with freezing temperatures well into May.

Independent forecaster WeatherAction has warned that May will be the "coldest or near coldest for 100 years", especially in the east of England, with "a run of bitter northerly winds" and snow at times.

Forecaster Piers Corbyn of told AOL Travel: "If you're planning a holiday in May then it's a good idea to get out of Britain.

"In general, it's going to be cold - especially in eastern parts. The near continent won't be much better, so for a good chance of sunshine you'll need to head to the Mediterranean."

And despite rumours that miserable May might be followed up by a sizzling summer, Mr Corbyn says that early signs indicate that we shouldn't get our hopes up.

He said: "We haven't yet completed our summer forecast so can't predict what the weather will be like for the Olympics. But there's no basis for saying that we're going to have a good summer and, at this point, it's not looking like it will be a scorcher."

He said: "The reason is the jet stream which looks like it is going to stick over that part of the country, holding cold air in place."

He added that western parts and Ireland should escape the worst of the freezing temperatures and are likely to experience warmer temperatures during the day.

However, the Met Office is slightly more optimistic that things could warm up towards the middle of May.

A Met Office spokesperson told AOL Travel: "We are in quite an unsettled spell now and it looks like sunshine and showers will continue until early May. As we towards mid-May the weather should become more settled, especially in the south of England, and temperatures should stay around the seasonal average of 14C - 15C."

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