Video: Lamborghini Aventador bursts into flames during test drive

A brand new Lamborghini Aventador was out on a test drive when it suddenly burst into flames, engulfing it completely.

The aftermath was caught on at least six different cameras, with a small assembly of gawkers all pointing their phones at the blazing Lambo, as shown in the video below. And there isn't much sympathy among the gathering, as you'll be able to hear. (Watch out for a little NSFW language, though.)
It happened just near junction 4 of Schadenfreude Highway. Not really. The Aventador actually caught fire on Highway 73 in Southern California, near the San Joaquin Hills, while reportedly being test driven by a millionaire.

Fortunately he was able to get out of the car almost immediately after looking in the rear view mirror and seeing flames, so he was unhurt.

As you can see, the fire destroyed the £242,000 hypercar, losing Lambo a sale and no doubt sending one more buyer towards a Ferrari dealership.

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