Gamblers face fee hike from Barclaycard

Vojtech Vlk/Czech News Agency

Gamblers who use a credit card to pay for the bets face new charges if they are a Barclaycard customer.

Currently the provider treats gambling transactions in the same way as standard purchases, but this will change from 28 May when users will be charged a new fee.
After that date, gambling transactions will be treated like cash by Barclaycard, which means customers will be charged a 2.99 per cent transaction fee and interest will be charged at the higher cash withdrawal rate. These new rules are thought to include purchasing lottery tickets.

Good news for holidaymakers

However, those using their Barclaycard overseas will find themselves better off, as the provider is changing its rules on cash withdrawals - charging a flat rate of 2.99 per cent (minimum £2.99). This will be the only charge for those withdrawing foreign currency, no currency exchange fee and no additional interest.

Additional fees are not new

Barclaycard is certainly not the first card provider to take this stance on gambling transactions, in fact some card providers do not allow them at all.

Since the proliferation of online gambling in particular, many card providers have tightened their rules on betting transactions, even including lottery tickets and scratch cards. Royal Bank of Scotland also treats gambling transactions as cash advances, though Lloyds TSB currently does not.

What you need to know about your credit card and gambling

It is legal to use your credit card to pay for all types of online betting and gambling, but some card issuers may not allow you to use your card to gamble online - so make sure you check.

You cannot use a credit card to gamble in licensed gambling facilities, such as casinos, bookmakers, bingo halls or at gaming machines.

Buying a scratch card or lottery ticket is included in gambling transactions by a number of card providers.

Your card provider may charge a fee for gambling transactions which will be made clear in the terms and conditions supplied with your card. Some companies make a small charge on the transactions themselves, and some may also charge higher interest rates on borrowing for bets than for normal cash advances.

Remember - it is your responsibility to make sure what you are doing is legal.

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