Video: 8,000bhp 'funny car' explodes at 200mph+

A car doing over 200mph exploded during a funny cars drag race in the US - but amazingly, the driver walked away completely unhurt...and in a bit of a huff. *Obvious joke alert* Funny cars weren't so funny for him.

The short clip below shows driver Matt Hagan's funny car (a drag racing class in the US) blowing up during a qualifying heat of the 4-Wide Nationals drag racing series, in Charlotte, North Carolina.
The drag racer's bodywork is ripped off as the car bursts into flames. According to Top Gear, it happened because one of the 8,000bhp engine's intake valves dropped into a cylinder.

And the reason for Hagan's little hissy fit? Apparently this is the third year in a row that his car has blown up during the Nationals.

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