Rich Brits to shun UK for new life abroad

A new survey has revealed that wealthy Britons across the country are considering moving abroad to escape ever-increasing taxes, high levels of crime and a lack of investment in public services here in the UK.

wealthy britons moving abroad

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The poll, by Lloyds TSB International Wealth, suggests more than half a million well-off Brits could become ex-pats within the next two years.

Of those with more than £250,000 in savings and investments, 19 per cent said they were considering starting a new life abroad, compared to 14 per cent just twelve months ago.

A sizeable 42 per cent of wealthy Britons believe the quality of life in the UK is worse than in other developed countries, and 41 per cent think British life is more stressful than than it would be overseas.

According to the survey, improvements to Britain's roads, railways and communications networks is essential, with 61 per cent of those polled seeing greater investment in the nation's infrastructure as a factor in making life in the UK more attractive.

Rising levels of crime and anti-social behaviour were also a concern, with 56 per cent giving it as the reason for wanting to leave the country.

Meanwhile, business red tape, high taxes were cause for concern, while some insisted improvements to public services such as the National Health Service, education and the police were important if life in Britain were to improve.

However, it appears only the wealthy minority were thinking about a new life abroad. Overall, a majority of 62 per cent said they were happy living in the UK.

Nicholas Boys-Smith, director at Lloyds TSB International Wealth, said: "While the figures strongly suggest we won't see a mass exodus, it is clear that a significant and growing minority see opportunity and a better quality of life overseas."

What do you think? Are you considering emigrating or are you happy living in Britain? Leave your comments below...
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