Jesse James coming to Goodwood Festival

Lest you think that timewarp Goodwood has finally achieved actual time-travel, we should point out that this is Jesse G. James, the stunt-driver.

However, he is a relative of the legendary Western outlaw and drives cars and trucks in the same spirit as his ancestor rode horses. He first came to Goodwood in 2009, when his Baja desert racing Trophy Truck was seen hooning around the grounds.
Jesse G. James is well-known on TV for his programme Monster Garage and Motorcycle Mania and is also CEO of West Coast Choppers. Through his US TV show Jesse James Is A Dead Man, the presenter also holds the world land speed record for a hydrogen powered vehicle, when he hit 199.7 mph at the El Mirage Dry Lake Bed in California.

If there is one thing we would rather see than Jesse doing his stuff in the truck, it would be the first meeting between uber-aristocrat Lord March of Goodwood and the larger-than-life American. We think they would probably hit it off, as they are both perfectionists in their respective fields, but it would have been an amazing contrast of styles.

To get an idea of the whole "American in Goodwood" experience, the video below shows one of his jumps at Goodwood 2009. Don't get any ideas though: Lord March is not going to allow anyone else to try this in one of the Goodwood car parks.
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