European cities 'cheaper for Brits'

LithuaniaImproved currency rates are making European cities more affordable for British tourists, according to latest figures.

The pound is now stronger than it was a year ago against the euro and also against non-euro currencies such as the Hungarian forint, the Turkish lira and the Polish zloty, a survey by Post Office Travel Money showed.
Of 23 city-break destinations across Europe and the USA, the Latvian capital of Riga offers the best value in terms of travel, one-night accommodation, meals, drinks and sightseeing.

Holiday costs in Riga, total £121.47. This compares with the most-expensive European city surveyed, Stockholm, (£298.27) and with the the highest-priced destination, New York, (£331.33).

The second-best value European city is Budapest (£129.72) where the pound is 19.5% higher against the forint than a year ago.

The next best-value city is Tallin in Estonia (£134.83). Costs in Belfast are £172.80, while Dublin is £174.15.

Budapest is the cheapest city to eat out in, while Lisbon has the best-value light refreshments. Riga, Tallinn and Belfast have the cheapest three-star hotels, with Boston and New York having the most-expensive.

Cultural sightseeing is cheapest in Belfast and Dublin, but similar trips in Barcelona cost five times as much.

Post Office Travel Money head Andrew Brown said: "Our figures show clearly how the prices tourists will pay on a city break are inextricably linked to the value of sterling against individual currencies.

"In Budapest local prices are level with those a year ago but costs for UK tourists have fallen."

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