Customised Range Rover Evoque Loder1899

We suppose it was inevitable, given the Evoque's success – that carefully integrated design has been "improved" by a German tuning firm

Loder1899 has come up with the Horus – the name of an Egyptian God which was part man, part falcon. The company website says, "Loder1899 accessorizes Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ford and Range Rover cars in stylish excellence", so their grasp of English is clearly on a par with their grasp of design. Apparently the name comes from the first Joseph Loder who opened a garage in 1899, which later developed into a number of car dealerships.

The wheels in the picture are 23 inch alloys with 315/35 tyres. Apart from that, the changes are mercifully limited, apart from the strange colour scheme. We can imagine black and maroon as a colour scheme for licenced taxis, but for an exclusive SUV?

The price is approximately £2500 for the restyled bumper and lowered suspension, but the vast wheels and tyres are extra cost items (quite a lot of extra cost, we suspect). However the last word must go the Loder1899, who says, the Horus features a "discreet body styling kit". We're glad they are not offering an "in your face" body kit for the Evoque.

If you want to see more of Loder1899's efforts, they have a website with such delights as a customised Ford Transit and modified Aston Martins (as the big problem with Aston Martins is obviously their styling).
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