The Fixer: Battle with BT for refund

The Fixer logoHave you been left out of pocket due to poor service or sharp practice? Do you have a money problem that won't go away?

It can seem impossible to get a fair result when you are battling a large, faceless organisation alone. But never fear! The AOL Money Fixer is here to help.

This week, she helps a former BT customer reclaim the money owed to her on a "non-existent" account since 2008.

Dear Fixer,
I wonder if you can solve a problem I have with BT. The issue dates from when I originally signed up with them in 2008, and for some reason they set up two accounts in my name.

I am no longer a BT customer. But I am still receiving regular bills for one of the accounts, in which I am in credit by £50.

However, each time I have phoned BT to claim back my £50 credit and try to close the account, I get the same answer that this account does not exist.

This does not make sense to me as I do not understand why I keep getting bills for an account that does not exist. It is also annoying as I would like to claim the £50 owed to me on the account.

Please help me to resolve this issue as it has been ongoing now for four years and I am still getting nowhere.

M Dorland, Milton Keynes

Dear Ms Dorland,
Thank you for your email. Having spoken to BT about your case, it would seem that the account in question was opened due to an order that failed in 2008.

It is credit because of two payments that were made at this time, and has not been coming up when you call BT to close it and claim back the money because it is no longer listed on their systems.

Following my intervention, however, the BT press office has managed to locate the account by searching the back office system.

It has therefore closed the account, meaning that you should no longer receive any bills relating to it, and actioned a refund of the £50 owed to you. A cheque for this amount should be with you within 14 days.

The Fixer

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