More than half of Brits want child-free flights

More than half of Brits want child-free flightsRex

More than half of Britons would support the introduction of child-free flights, according to a new survey.

Almost two thirds of those polled said that "loud children" were their biggest bugbear, while 53% said they would use adults-only flight services, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The news comes just as Malaysian Airlines announced plans to ban under-12 children from the upper deck in the economy section on its A380 aircrafts.

Last year, Malaysia Airlines was also the first to ban babies in its first class section.

The survey, carried out by, questioned 1,666 people, and also revealed a number of other plane peeves, including airlines that don't offer allocated seating.

It follows another survey carried out this week that said smelly people were the most offensive fellow air passengers - ahead of noisy children.

The poll carried out by Skyscanner showed that people really do take umbrage over bad personal hygiene, followed closely by overweight people taking up too much room - and invading theirs.

The loud, inebriated passenger came in at third position, while other things making the top ten worst seat mate traits include nervous flyers, loved-up couples and very chatty people who permanently pester you for a conversation.

The issue of whether flights should offer no-kids zones has long been debated.

Just last year, a TripAdvisor poll of over 1,200 travellers reveals the majority of Brits would pay a premium to fly on a child-free plane.

Over half of respondents (53%) said they would pay extra to fly on an adults-only flight, while a minority 46% don't begrudge sharing the plane with tiny travellers.

An additional poll question revealed 55% of respondents believe kids should be banned completely from first class cabins.

'Many travellers experience discomfort and frustration when faced with noisy children on flights,' commented Emma O'Boyle, TripAdvisor spokesperson.

The results also chime with a survey carried out by Aol Travel last year, which showed that 70% of our readers believe that planes should have child-free zones.

Do you think there should be child-free flight services available? Leave your thoughts below...

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