London-bound plane struck by lightning turns back to San Francisco

London-bound plane struck by lightning forced to make emergency landingStock photo: PA

A United Airlines flight had to return to San Francisco International Airport after hit was hit by lightning.

According to Mercury News, duty manager John Ginty said the plane landed safely and there were no injuries to anyone on board.

The Boeing 777 was carrying 258 passengers bound for London, and United spokeswoman Megan McCarthy said they would fly today instead.

Planes being hit by lightning is not a new phenomenon; back in May 2011, a passenger jet minutes away from landing at Heathrow was struck by a bolt of lightning on its roof - right above the pilots' heads.

The powerful force of nature passed right through the body of the Airbus A380 before shooting out and continuing its journey to the ground.

Surprisingly, the Emirates flight from Dubai landed safely just minutes later without a scratch - and none of its 500 passengers hurt.

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