Helicopter rescues Cornwall holidaymaker stuck on beach cliff

Helicopter rescues Cornwall holidaymaker as tide leaves her clinging to cliffSWNS

Pictures have just emerged of the holidaymaker in Cornwall who had to be rescued by a helicopter after the tide cut her off and left her clinging to a rock for dear life.

Terrified Stacey Hayes screamed for help and, luckily, coastguard station manager Dave Jackson heard her cries from a few hundred metres away.

He instantly raised the alarm, and the Royal Navy helicopter crew at Porthcurno Beach, near Land's End, came to her rescue.

Dave told the Mirror: "She was only a foot from the water with waves breaking over her."

Helicopter rescues Cornwall holidaymaker as tide leaves her clinging to cliffSWNS

Stacey's boyfriend, Adam Neal, and two other friends also had to be rescued by lifeboat after being cut off by the tide.

The following day, another four holidaymakers had to be rescued by emergency services after being cut off by the tide.

Mr Jackson added: "People don't realise how quickly the tide can cut you off.

"These incidents could have had a fatal outcome if it was not for the rapid response of the emergency services."

The news comes following a spate of recent UK beach rescues.

Last month, an RAF rescue helicopter had to winch a woman to safety after she was cut off by the tide on a Pembrokeshire beach.

According to the British Forces News, the 49-year-old woman got into trouble on a rock at Newgale Beach. A helicopter from RAF Chivenor in Devon flew her to a local hospital.

And, at the end of last year, a teenager had a lucky escape after he became stuck waist-deep in sand - with the tide rising at a fast rate.

The 16-year-old sank in soft sand and became stuck when his foot got wedged under a rock after wading out to help two younger members of his family on Seaton Carew beach in Hartlepool, Cleveland.

He was stuck to the spot for an hour and 15 minutes - with the tide rising around him - while fire chiefs and Hartlepool RNLI volunteers worked hard to extricate him by using water jets to loosen the sand around his feet, as well as RNLI divers using their hands to shift the rock.

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