Spring sunshine destinations

We've had some sensational weather in the UK this spring, but if you still haven't had your fix of sunshine you'll probably need to look a little further afield.

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But you don't have to go long-haul or cross the Atlantic to get a bit of warmth, because things will already be heating up nicely in Europe and nearby.

Britain's favourite foreign holiday destination for many years still has plenty to offer, especially in springtime when the huge southern region of Andalucia is at its best (according to many visitors).

So you can make like the cast of TOWIE and head to Marbs (Marbella) and the Costa del Sol or get off the beaten track on the stunning Costa de la Luz - or experience mainland Europe's only desert - and some fantastic beaches - at the Cabo de Gata - in the eastern province of Almeria.

The Balearics can be a little cooler in the Spring, but the days will still be mostly sunny and many families with young children prefer to avoid the scorching heat of summer.

Canary Islands
Yes, we know these are also Spanish, but they deserve their own entry because of their popularity with us Brits for non-summer breaks.

The climate in the island chain - which is located off the coast of North Africa - is described as being "like spring all year round", but it can get very hot in the summer and many visitors prefer to go in our springtime.

Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, La Palma and the smaller islands are volcanic in nature and have a mixture of golden beaches and black sand beaches - although many resorts are more focussed on relaxing around the swimming pools.

Greece and Turkey
Massively popular with Brits in the summer, Greece and Turkey have a massive variety of resorts - but often the tourist season is shorter and visitors can find themselves among just a few holidaymakers in a mostly boarded-up resort.

While this is fine for some, others might be less enthusiastic - so do your research carefully before you book anywhere.

North Africa
Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco have all built up busy tourist industries - with many resorts concentrating on the winter, autumn and spring seasons.

All-inclusive holidays are the big draw for many holidaymakers, with purpose-built resorts being the order of the day most of the time.

Further away
Florida has long been a big draw for UK tourists - with the mixture of sunshine and theme parks luring families to its long coastline. As the pound has strengthened against the dollar again, holidays in the US have become more affordable once more.

The Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, India and Thailand are all familiar places to many British tourists looking for a spot of off-season sunshine, but potential visitors should research rainy seasons carefully before booking!

There is always the chance that we'll have another heatwave, and if you have the option to book time off work at short notice you could take advantage of cheaper rates and quieter resorts/beaches here too.

Cornwall - with its fabulous beaches - is packed to bursting in summer, but much more relaxed in Spring, and the same is true for much of Devon and Dorset.

Wales has some of the most dramatic and beautiful beaches in the world - and enough of them to ensure that you never get too crowded (unless you want to). Check out the Gower and Llyn Peninsulas and the Pembrokeshire coast.

Ditto Scotland - which had the hottest temperatures in the UK during the March heatwave - and which is even less likely to be crowded with other holidaymakers.

Where would your ideal spring holiday be? Tell us below...
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