Porsche releases hardcore Cayenne GTS SUV

Porsche has released the first pictures of its most driver focussed SUV ever, the Cayenne GTS.

It's massive, bright green and a much angrier version of something quite mild-mannered, like The Hulk. But unlike The Hulk it's quite easy to control because it's...erm...got stiff suspension.
The Cayenne GTS isn't the fastest Cayenne Porsche does - that honour is reserved for the Cayenne Turbo - but it is the one that 'driver' types are most likely to go for. Assuming a driver type would buy an SUV in the first place. Which they probably wouldn't.

Still, the GTS looks mean, and Porsche has at least tried to make it more entertaining than the average 4x4 - be it a Porsche one or otherwise.

It uses the same 4.8-litre V8 engine as the Cayenne S, but it's tuned from 395bhp in that to 414bhp here. The result is 0.2 seconds chopped off the S's 0-62mph time, down to 5.7 seconds. The average mpg goes down slightly too, though, to 26.4mpg from 26.9.

The main changes are to the driver experience, says Porsche. The ride height is lowered (by 24mm) and the suspension stiffened, so any shred of comfort the car once had has been buried beneath a thumping layer of 'feel'.

That said, the suspension is adaptable, so it can be softened slightly.

Look beyond the green paint of these press pictures (if you can) and you'll see some bodywork modifications over the standard S. The bumpers are 'inspired by the Cayenne Turbo', the wheel arches are widened, there's a unique rear spoiler, and some of the exterior trim is gloss black.

It gets a sports exhaust system as standard, including the wide tailpipe finishers you see above, and in the cabin it's a haptic feast, with liberal use of Alcantara and leather.

It goes on sale in the UK in July, priced from £67,147 exactly, which puts it about £12,000 more than a Cayenne S, but £18,00 less than a Cayenne Turbo.

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