One in four drivers 'would break the law' to insure their children

Caroline Cassidy

It's no secret that the cost of car insurance for young drivers has reached almost prohibitive levels but new research has revealed that many parents are prepared to break the law in order to insure their children.

car insurance fraud 'fronting'
car insurance fraud 'fronting'

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The survey, by comparison site, revealed that fourteen per cent of parents have insured their child to drive by pretending to be the main driver, a practice known as 'fronting'.

Meanwhile a further 15 per cent said they would consider doing the same in order to reduce insurance costs for their youngsters.

Despite one in four claiming they believe it is legal to do so, 'fronting' is anything but.

Peter Harrison, car insurance expert at Moneysupermarket, told The Telegraph: 'Fronting on a car insurance policy is illegal and it is worrying how many motorists are willing to take this risk.

'Despite the obvious attraction of cutting costs on your car insurance policy, there will be serious repercussions if you are caught falsely claiming to be the main driver of the vehicle.'

In fact, those caught 'fronting' may find their policy is invalidated and result in the young driver being charged with driving without insurance.

Mr Harrison warned tempted parents to 'think twice', and added: 'In the longer term anyone with a case of fraud against them could end up being refused cover by an insurer in the future.

'There are certainly much better way to save on the cost of car insurance for younger drivers.'

What do you think? Have you been tempted by 'fronting'? Leave a comment below...