British man arrested after boarding plane with rifle in luggage

British man arrested after boarding plane with rifle in luggagePA

A British man has been charged after trying to board a plane with a rifle in his luggage - and sparking a terror alert.

Mohammed Rafiq had been in Kashmir, Pakistan, visiting relatives, and was set to fly him to the UK on an Emirates service.

But police found a .222 calibre rifle and ammunition in his luggage, which initially sparked terrorism fears.

But head of security in Rawalpindi, where the airport is located, Deputy Inspector General Azhar Hameed Khokhar, said they found no evidence of links with terrorism.

He says Mr Rafiq claims the firearm was packed by accident by his relatives.

According to the Telegraph, he added: "We have investigated his background and can find no connection to terrorist groups."

It is well known there are terrorist training camps in Pakistan along the border with Afghanistan, which attract Jihadis from Europe, and have been connected with a number of plots against Western targets.

A spokesman for the British High Commission said Mr Rafiq had not requested consular assistance.

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