British inventor creates ultimate baby car seat

A British inventor has created a baby car seat featuring a fold-over airbag that cocoons the child in the event of a crash.

The Carkoon, created by Julian Preston-Powers, should be on sale next year, when it could become the safest baby seat on the market - and certainly the most innovative.
Set to cost around £500 - four to five times more than an average baby seat - the Carkoon's airbag deploys upon collision, but unlike a regular car airbag, it stays rigid.

It's designed to protect the baby from being hit by flying objects after a crash; innocuous objects inside a car can strike and kill a child, even during a fairly low speed collision.

The airbag is made from Kevlar so it's fireproof, and once deployed it gives the child around 20 minutes of air.

The Carkoon is still undergoing testing to ensure that the airbag mechanism doesn't prevent the child being rescued by emergency services after a crash, but it has already been tested at the Transport Research Laboratory.

The Carkoon company says that the seat has a clear quick release mechanism that allows parents and emergency services to remove it from the car quickly and easily.

It also includes a beacon that signals to emergency services that a child has been involved in an accident, and includes a GPS signal so that its position can be pinpointed.

The seat is rear facing, but can swivel on its base to make it more comfortable for parents to lift it out of the car.

Accident statistics show that 55 children were killed in road accidents in 2011 in Britain, and almost 2,500 injured.
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