Women admit popping pills to combat work stress

Caroline Cassidy

A survey has revealed that more than a million women have resorted to medication to help deal with workplace stress.

women workplace stress
women workplace stress

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The poll by Grazia magazine found that many working women are struggling to cope as the recession and unemployment fears pile on extra pressure.

One in ten of those surveyed admitted they had sought help in order to cope with the pressures of work, while more than half had trouble sleeping as job woes stayed uppermost in their minds. Six out of ten said the stress of work-related worries was ruining their sex life.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the majority of the women quizzed felt they were trapped in a job they hated simply to avoid unemployment, while one in three were working longer hours due to the ever-present threat of redundancy.

Nearly half of those polled believe it is too risky to attempt changing jobs and some 50 per cent confessed to considering starting a family just to escape the workplace for a period of maternity leave.

To make matters worse, a third of working women claim things have got bitchier in the office since the recession first began to bite.

A devious eight out of 10 admitted to flirting with their male boss in order to get a step up the career ladder, while a quarter had even tried flirting with their female boss to win a promotion.

However, two-thirds of the women surveyed said it wasn't money that made them successful but a job they love.

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