Video: Family save stranded dolphin beached on sandbar in Florida

Video: Family save stranded dolphin after spotting it beached in FloridaABC News

A father and daughter team came to the rescue of a stranded dolphin that had become stuck on a sandbar in Florida .

George Heheman and his daughter Kerry Ware were on a boat near Fort George Island, Jacksonville, when they spotted the animal beached and in distress.

He told ABC News that the dolphin had a calf that was waiting nearby in deeper water. They believe the mother got stuck after feeding the baby in a tidal creek when the tide washed out before she could get back into deeper water.

The pair used the dolphin's tail to drag her off the sandbar.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Heheman said: "She fought us at first, and then I don't know whether she realised what we were doing or not, but she quit."

The mother and calf eventually swam off together in what Ms Ware described as an "amazing experience".

But marine biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Rachel Cimino, said that anyone who sees a stranded animal should call for assistance, as helping wild animals could result in harm to yourself or the creature.

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