'Smelly people' are the worst fellow air passengers, says survey

Ruth Doherty

'Smelly people' are the worst fellow passengers, says survey
'Smelly people' are the worst fellow passengers, says survey


Being a bit pongy is the one thing travellers dislike the most about fellow air passengers, according to a new survey.

The poll carried out by flight comparison site Skyscanner showed that people really do take umbrage over bad personal hygiene, followed closely by overweight people taking up too much room - and invading theirs.

The loud, inebriated passenger came in at third position, while other things making the top ten worst seat mate traits include nervous flyers, loved-up couples and very chatty people who permanently pester you for a conversation.

Skyscanner spokesman Dave Boyte told news.com.au: "When other people are around you need to be considerate and think about personal hygiene, and perhaps not drinking too much either before or during a flight.

"I've been fortunate in that I've never had to sit next to anyone with bad body odour, but I've been next to a very chatty person, which wasn't such a bad thing actually."

He added that he thought noisy babies would have been higher up the list considering the amount of times passengers complain about children on flights.

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