Colditz 'hotel' is new £20 a night tourist attraction

Ruth Doherty
Colditz 'hotel' is new £20 a night tourist attraction
Colditz 'hotel' is new £20 a night tourist attraction


British tourists are reportedly flocking to a new 'hotel - the World War Two prison Colditz.

Colditz Castle is located in southern Germany, and once housed British officers who had made attempts to break out of other prison camps.

Guests can now pay £20 a night for one of the 161 beds that have been fitted, and eat meals in the canteen used by wartime staff.

There is a three-hour tour of the tunnels and rooms used by the prisoners of war. More than 30 men escaped from the castle, before the rest were rescued by US troops in 1945.

Tour specialists the War Research Society are offering the experience.

Spokesperson Alex Bulloch told The Sun: "The accommodation is spartan but the idea is to give people an idea of what it was like to be there as a PoW.

"To stay under the same roof as the Allied officers is incredible."

Meanwhile, a hotel offering the experience of what it was like to be locked up at Alcatraz recently opened for a limited time in London.

The four-room (or should we say cell?) residence was modelled on San Francisco's infamous Alcatraz prison in a reproduction of the penitentiary during its heyday, before it closed in 1963.

Fancy being locked up for the night? Try one of these prison hotels around the world:


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