Body parts washed up on Australian beach thought to be shark attack victim

Human remains washed up on beach in Australia believed to be shark attack victimA beach in Perth, 15 miles south of where Peter Kurmann was killed/PA

Human remains washed up on Preston Beach in Peel, Western Australia yesterday are believed to be those of shark attack victim Peter Kurmann who was killed last week.

The remains discovered by members of the public reveal that the 33-year-old diver's injuries were far worse than first suggested.

After being alerted, police and forensic officers spent the morning at Preston Beach, which was closed while equipment was used to remove the top layers of sand from the popular beach spot.

Forensic work is still to be carried out on the remains and if confirmed to be those of Peter Kurmann would mean that they drifted around 100km.

Police told the Mandurah Mail that the body parts are 'likely connected to the recent fatal shark attack'.

The forensic work is expected to be completed in Perth this week and Mr Kurmann's family have been notified of the find.

His funeral took place today in Busselton and in a death notice published during the week, Peter's wife Debra described him as 'an amazing father and husband'.

Kurmann was killed in a fatal shark attack while diving with his brother off Stratham Beach. It is believed that a great white shark was responsible, however the Department of Fisheries has said: 'We are not speculating about the species at all.'

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