For sale: Subaru Impreza with ultimate winter tyre package

Did yesterday's snow get you down? Are you now stuck in the house contemplating whether to eat your cat? Well the Subaru Impreza above, for sale on eBay right now (April 4 2012), is probably for you.

It's apparently one of only two Subarus in the world that has been snow-proofed using the marvellous Dominator Track system - this one and Ken Block's.
Sadly it's based in the US, and will have to be collected from its current home in Chassell, Michigan - about 550 miles north of Detroit.

To be honest, we just wanted to show you a couple of pictures. You can find a whole stack of them on the listing.

The 2002 model Impreza WRX (the 'bug eyed one - considered the very ugliest of the breed) has done almost 200,000 miles, though very few of those have been on the Dominator system, which is brand new.

As it happens, the Dominator Track system fitted to the car is removable and can be fitted to any motor, says the selling dealer; the Impreza includes a set of standard wheels and tyres.

With a Buy It Now price of just over £10, 000, it really is the Dominator tyres that the buyer is paying for - a decent 2002 model Impreza WRX can be had for well under £4,000.

The system is, according to the seller, "designed to work in snow, slush, ice, mud, swamp, marsh, wet terrain, and even dry ground at lower speeds."

Shrek is reportedly lining up an offer...

A big thanks to our friends over at Autoblog US for the tip on this one.
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