The Top Internet Stocks of 2012

This video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which senior technology analyst Eric Bleeker discusses topics around the investing world.

A quarter of the way into 2012, we're already seeing some major winners in the software and services market. Tudou is up 195% on the year thanks to its merger with Youku, while another Chinese company, NetQin, is the second best performer this year. However, what fascinates Eric is that enterprise-themed social-media plays are also soaring. Jive Software is up 69% so far this year, while LinkedIn has seen its own 64% pop. While exuberance around the pending Facebook IPO is surely a cause for these company's success, both of these companies have stronger business models than their social-media peers that rely on advertising. If these companies fall back from their huge gains on the back of any social-media selloff, they're two companies that would be worth investors' attention.

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