View into Kate and William's home obscured by special glass

Ceri Roberts
View into Kate and William's home in obscured by special glass
View into Kate and William's home in obscured by special glass


Anyone hoping to sneak a peek at the home and garden of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be disappointed.

Kensington Palace reopened last week after £12million worth of renovations - but the view to the royal couple's cottage has been obscured by a special glass that will shield them from prying eyes.

The Express reports that without the glass, visitors to the place would have been able to see into their home, Nottingham Cottage, from The King's Gallery.

The couple have made Nottingham Cottage their London base while apartment 1A, Princess Margaret's former home, is renovated for them to move into next year.

Last week Prince Harry moved into a flat next door to their future home and it is thought that he will move into Nottingham Cottage when they move out.

An insider said: "You can see right into their back garden from the palace. For obvious reasons it was decided that the view should be obscured."

Earlier this year a fence was erected around neighbouring Wren House, the Duke and Duchess of Kent's home at Kensington Palace. This also helped to block the view of Nottingham Cottage.

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