Video: Man breaks into zoo enclosure and 'rides a rhino'

Video: Man breaks into enclosure and 'rides a rhino' at zooYouTube

A man has been filmed breaking into an enclosure at a zoo and "riding" a rhino.

Scott Pfaff was filmed by his pro-skater friend Rob Dyrdek tentatively sneaking through the metal gates and into the huge animal's enclosure before building up the courage to jump on its back.

He manages to stay up there for a few seconds before the rhino decides he's had enough and chucks him off with a few hefty bucks.

Luckily for Pfaff, he lands right near the gates and manages to roll under the bars before the rhino can mete out revenge with his horn.

See the footage that has become a hit on YouTube below (warning: do NOT try this at a zoo near you...):

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