Scatching report into Apple factory

Stacey King

There are "significant issues" with the working conditions in the factory run by computer giant Apple's main supplier, an independent probe has discovered.

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The firm had asked the US Fair Labor Association (FLA) to investigate the conditions for staff at plants run by Taiwanese manufacturing company Foxconn in China.

The probe followed a string of suicides at Foxconn which had led to headlines about Apple and "slavery".

The FLA has secured agreements to reduce hours, protect pay, and improve staff representation at the company - and Apple as "fully accepted" the report's findings.

These included that staff were working 60-hour-plus weeks, working seven days in a row and sometimes were expected to perform unpaid overtime. Health and safety violations were also discovered.

Monthy wages for staff range between £227 and £289, although they have recently been raised by 25 per cent.

Foxconn has more than a year to get in line with the FLA's recommendations, with a deadline set for July 2013.

Workers will still not have any real trade union representation however, since authorities in China are very wary of unions.

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