Mum & Dad 'cabs' worth £32bn

Parental taxi duties would rack up an equivalent cab fare of £103 a week. From school to sports grounds to music lessons the charges are equivalent to £32 bn of unpaid fares a year.

'Dad cabs' cover an average of 28 miles a week on taxi duty compared to 21 miles for mums. But are the little tikes grateful? Er...


Sainsbury's Finance claims that the current parental cab duties is equivalent to driving from Earth to Mars. Despite these intergalactic distances covered, there's no guarantee the parent-child bond will improve.

"One in four (27%) parents say that the time spent driving their children around strengthens their bond with them," says Sainsbury's. But the data is contradictory.

Sainsbury's claims that one in three (30%) parents say giving their children a lift is one of the few opportunities they have to talk to their kids without them being distracted by TV or mobile phones. Seven per cent claimed it's the only chance they get to talk to their children at all.

£500 a year

Parents in London have the highest average taxi value to their children, providing over £100 of taxi services to their offspring on average, partially because of higher taxi rates in the capital. "Parents in Scotland are worth around £73 a week to their children in taxi value, and those in the South East are worth around £72 a week," says Sainsbury's Finance.

But AOL Money has worked out that the real-cost combined Mum & Dad cabbing duties at an average 49 miles week is equivalent to £460 a year, assuming fuel sold at 140p a litre and your car returns 35 mpg. This cost would not include the extra 2,500-odd miles of vehicle wear/tear and additional servicing.

So a good £500, all in. Not including tips.

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