US Airways passenger arrested after attacking cabin crew

Ruth Doherty
US Airways passenger arrested after attacking cabin crew
US Airways passenger arrested after attacking cabin crew

A woman on a US Airways flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Fort Myers, Florida, has been arrested after reportedly kicking and spitting at crew members.

The flight 1697 was Florida-bound when the woman allegedly jumped out of her seat and started at attacked flight crew, knocking one air stewardess to the ground, spitting and kicking others, according to

The woman was eventually restrained, with the help of a Florida sheriff's deputy who happened to be on board, and was taken off the plane "kicking and screaming", said the Huffington Post.

Police and medical teams had arrived at the Florida International Airport ahead of the plane landing at around 6pm local time.

The woman had reportedly told cabin crew she was scared of flying before the incident.

According to NBC, three members of the cabin crew told the police they were victims of assault, and explained that the woman became abusive after she was refused alcohol.

The woman's family reportedly blamed a mix of medication and alcohol on the outburst, as well as emotions over losing a loved one.

She was charged with interfering with an aircraft and and battery.

Meanwhile, just yesterday a JetBlue pilot had to be restrained by passengers after suffering a breakdown mid-air, which saw him ranting about Al Qaeda, terrorism and bombs.

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