Dear bus drivers, some cars are more equal than others. Don't hit those ones.

Bus drivers in China have been instructed explicitly not to hit supercars, and to that end have been shown posters featuring the badges of various supercar makers to memorise.

Yep, according to Car News China, the average bus driver in Jinghua couldn't tell a Kia from a Koenigsegg.
But now they have no excuse, because they officially know what the badges look like - and how much the cars are worth, which is also printed on the poster.

It means that prior to deliberately accidentally having a little dunch, the driver can think, 'but no, this car is worth five million yuan...I'll hit that Geely over there instead.'

Apparently the move hasn't come as a result of a spate of unplanned bus-meets-supercar prangs in China - or even one of them - but because the clumsy supercar owners themselves keep stuffing their motors, and it's making the news.

Car News China says that the insurance policies usually only cover a fraction of the cost of a typical supercar, leaving the remainder of the bill with the guilty party. It means that, were a bus driver to sleepily trundle into a Bugatti Veyron, the bus company could end up with a liability running into millions.

Intriguingly, Porsche has been omitted from the poster. Cheap as dog soup in China, they are...
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