Video: Road rage, South American style

This is how they do road rage in South America.

A biker stuck in a traffic jam has noticed that there's something on his shoe, so he tries to shake it off. But in doing so, he accidentally kicks the side of a Fiat 4x4.
The Brazilian small claims court is notoriously bureaucratic, so the driver decides to administer swift justice by running the biker over.

The biker, obviously on his way back from a Mission Impossible DVD marathon, thinks to himself: 'what would Tom Cruise do?'

He jumps on the bonnet.

The driver realises that this will have a detrimental effect on the car's aerodynamics, and therefore fuel economy, and so decides that the most prudent course of action is to facilitate the biker's ejection from the bonnet.

Sadly, what with the traffic jam and everything, there's only one way the driver can achieve that goal...see the video for details.

Thankfully, both biker and driver remain unharmed, so the biker picks himself up and moves in to congratulate the driver for putting an end to the matter efficiently.

Seeing that the driver is a lady, the biker tries to open the door in chivalrous fashion. But it's stuck, so he leaves to try and find the number of a good local locksmith.

Meanwhile, the driver remembers that the Fiat has automatic central locking. She presses the button to disable it and gets out of the car.

With the biker elsewhere, she has no option but to update her Facebook status.

'OMG! Totes amazeballs bkr dude jst fell on my car bnnt LOL! Car mssed up. :( x'

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