Don't panic-buy fuel, drivers urged

Fuel gaugeMotorists have been warned against "turning a rumour into a crisis" and urged not to panic-buy petrol due to the tanker drivers' dispute.

There is plenty of fuel to go round and the situation will only deteriorate if motorists rush unnecessarily to filling stations, AA president Edmund King said.
Oil company Esso also said motorists should stick to their normal buying patterns.

Mr King said: "If 30 million people suddenly want to fill up 50-litre fuel tanks then you could have a shortage.

"It's totally inappropriate for people to panic-buy. No strikes have yet been announced and there is enough fuel out there as long as people do not fill up unnecessarily."

Mr King continued: "Emergency services have contingency plans in place all the time in any case. That includes the AA as we have to ensure we can get our patrols out there.

"It's vital that people do not turn a rumour into a crisis. Drivers should follow their normal buying patterns."

A spokeswoman for Esso said: "At this stage no strike dates have been called and the potential remains for a resolution to the matter.

"In the event of a strike, Esso will do all it can to maximise fuel supplies to its service stations and other customers, working with the Government and Hoyer, our fuel distributors.

"We would ask motorists to stick to their normal buying patterns."

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