Easyjet tests allocated seating on selected flights

Katy Holland
Easyjet tests allocated seating on selected flights
Easyjet tests allocated seating on selected flights


Easyjet has announced that it is testing allocated seating for passengers from 24 April.

The decision could bring an end to the stress of bagging a seat when boarding a flight on the no-frills airline; up until now, it has not allocated specific seats to passengers.

During the trail, around 40,000 passengers will be allowed to pre-book their seats on a range of routes this summer in a bid to "increase customer satisfaction".

Allocated seating will be rolled out on all flights from Glasgow to Alicante and flights departing from Luton to Malaga, Alicante Istanbul and Sharm el Sheikh.

On these flights, passengers will be given a specific seat number at no extra charge. As the demand will be higher for certain seats, such as those in the front row or by emergency exits, which have extra leg room, these will come at a cost: £12 for extra leg room, £8 for front seats. A fee of £3 will be charged if a passenger wants to book a specific seat not in the front or exit rows.

Easyjet CEO Carolyn McCall said: "Easyjet [is] trying to do all it can to make travel easy and affordable for our passengers.

"We will roll it out further only if it works operationally, from a revenue perspective and increases passenger satisfaction. If it doesn't, we won't.

The test will cost the airline £5million in computer expenses to adapt its booking system.

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