Top Of The Props: song uses nothing but car sounds

Songwriter Mark Marrington from Yorkshire thought guitars and drums were a bit old hat, so he set about creating a song using the most versatile musical instrument in the world: the car.

Songs often have the 'sounds like car alarm' criticism levelled at them, but in this case it's actually valid.
Mark says his composition, called Cars and released officially as a single last week, is "dance music with a vehicular twist," which "reflects our ongoing desire to tame our nature and organize it in a way which renders impotent its capacity to disturb us."

In other words, he reckons he's found a way of making car noise far less irritating. Have a listen - you might disagree.

At least Mark isn't using that pretentious twaddle to cloak a lack of discernible talent, though - he's a Teaching Fellow at the University of Leeds who manages its Music BSc. He also owns a record label, plays guitar, produces records and composes orchestral music of the traditional melodic type.

But we shouldn't underestimate the time and skill that's gone into turning the dissonant automotive noises in Cars into something approaching harmony. It's clever stuff.

"Having worked on the track for about three months," he said, "I now find that as I walk around the city, any random encounters I have with car horns, squealing brakes and car alarms can amount to a surprisingly rewarding musical experience."


Here's the song:

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