David Beckham selling a fleet of posh cars

David Beckham has decided to sell a few of his cars and bikes because they're gathering dust in England while he's playing football in the US and A.

According to a story in The Sun, Beckham is considering selling a fleet including a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Range Rover Sport, a BMW 645i and three Harley Davidsons.
The collection is worth around half a million quid, but with the Beckham connection it could make a whole lot more.

There's form in that respect: a black Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet with Beckham's squad number, 23, stitched into the seats sold for £140,000 at auction last year - more than twice what Beckham paid for it.

(That's not Beckham's Lamborghini Gallardo above. It's just any old Lamborghini Gallardo.)

He also hit the jackpot with his BMW M3, selling it in 2005 for double the £44,000 he'd paid a couple of years earlier.

It's not known whether Beckham has personalised any of the cars he's selling, but he does like adding his squad number to them - he also had 23 printed on the centre caps of the wheels of his Lamborghini Gallardo runabout in Spain.

Beckham's wife Victoria has been involved in car personalisation, too, having been unveiled as an advisor to Range Rover for the interior of the new Evoque. However, the specifics of her work on the car are yet to be revealed by Land Rover.

It's not known how or where Beckham's cars will be sold, but no doubt there'll be a storm of publicity when it happens. We'll let you know...
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